The Heroes of Loudwater

Aiding Llorkh - A Father's Tidings & Gnoll Raiders

The Heros of Loudwater (THoL from here on out) completed their quest to Evenfar their ordeal was taxing, but there would be no rest. No sooner had they returned to town, they were asked to head to Llorkh to assist the Prince with some troubles there.

The next morning THoL headed out by riverboat upstream. The journey was uneventful and THoL arrived a couple days later. When they arrived, they met with the Prince and got their marching orders. During the meeting the halfling paladin, Erwin Blackheart, requested that the Prince start a soup kitchen for the city’s poor. Irwin donated funds to that effect and pledged that any payment due to him would meet the same bill. THoL were tasked with two quests:

THoL took up residence in a fine inn with plans to leave to deal with the Gnoll threat the next day. On the way out of town that morning THoL were assaulted by some of the more Blackheart Gang. Erwin’s father sent a message, but THoL rejected delivery. In a pitched battle, THoL sent the Blackheart assassins running. Sheathing their weapons, THoL left the bodies to rot in the morning sun to hunt some Gnolls.

After a reasonably short trek, THoL found a wrecked caravan. The blood was still warm on the bodies so THoL followed the tracks north into the wild. THoL located the Gnoll camp across a small river. Stealth was used to approach, but the river posed an obstacle that nearly proved too much to overcome. In a battle that was as long as it was tough, both Erwin and Ash were knocked unconscious. Barrant, Rellen and Shalia were all worse for wear, but a near-by cave opening told THoL that there was little time to waste. Venturing into the lair proved tough, but not so tough as the entrance. Eliminating the last of the Gnolls, THoL returned to Llorkh as champions.

The next day, THoL headed north of town to begin their investigation into the creepy old mage and his tax evading ways. Farm folk were interviewed, stones were turned and time was spent waiting until high noon to knock. Turns out THoL could have slept in and skipped the investigation. Creepy old man had a creepy old door man with hands in is chest. Those hands then leapt from his chest and began to beat the tar out of anyone near by. Seeing as they were tiny, Barrant told them to Come And Get It and then hit them with a sweeping blow to finish them off. Only a couple hands were left scurrying around and everyone unloaded on the doorman. For a long time. There was some sort of monster heal involved, but THoL hit him with everything they had and just got him bloodied. The combat continued and it became a knock down, drag out brawl in the entryway into the mage’s gothic style vineyard. THoL were, in the end, victorious. Pushing further into the house, THoL were accosted by a bevy of incorporeal undead with a penchant for hit and run tactics.


Estrian Estrian

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