The Heroes of Loudwater

Aiding Llorkh - The Pesky Magus

Our brave heros fully investigated the creepy old man’s undead emporium and were under near constant assault. Wave after wave of undead crashed down on THoL, exhausting them but otherwise causing no long term harm. By the time the sun had set, THoL had investigated the whole of the up stairs and (and most of the basement). Gassed and wounded, THoL retreated. Did I say retreated, I meant advanced in a different direction. The advanced all the way to a large farm estate where the local farmers had barricaded themselves. THoL quickly convinced the farmers that they should be let inside, even if only to lend aid in the defense.

It would seem that the assault on the house had caused the creepy old man to send out a small army of undead to counter the assault. Resting up overnight, THoL returned to the house that hell built at first light. More undead were encountered in the basement. In an encounter that was more difficult than need be by an overzealous barbarian, THoL overcame a coordinated pincer assault while flanked in a narrow corridor. Ghouls ahead, ghouls behind with zombie minions and Frostborn Zombie for even more fun with immobilization. When it was all said and done, THoL stood victorious in front of a door they believe to be the master’s.


When the party is wandering in tight corridors, it is rarely wise to advance well beyond the reach of the rest of your party ;)

Aiding Llorkh - The Pesky Magus

Damn skippy.Never split the party. Never.

Aiding Llorkh - The Pesky Magus
Estrian Estrian

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