The Heroes of Loudwater

For great justice our heroes head to Waterdeep. (Part 1)

After clan Blackheart’s attempt to sully The Heroes of Loudwater good name, THoL decided to go on the offensive and attack the heart of the Blackheart empire. Leaving the friendly confines of Loudwater, they journeyed downstream. First to Daggerford and then into Waterdeep.

Arriving in Daggerford, THoL quickly sought out any agents of the Blackheart gang. They got a tip that one of Cyrus Blackheart’s lieutenants frequented a bar called the Flayed Goblin. When THoL arrived, Rellen and Barrant entered the bar, posing as new recruits to the clan. Rellen met with a halfling named Neff Skiprock who sent them off to shake down a baker who was late with protection money. The duo left the bar, feigning compliance. Returning shortly, with a coin purse from his own pocket, Rellen pronounced the deed done. Rellen was given a cut of his own money and sent off to meet with Corus “the Blooddrinker” Gallows at Fenster’s Fineries, a clothiers shop in the trade district.

Rellen and Barrant returned to meet the others and informed them of what they’d found. As a group, they headed to the clothier’s shop. Again, Rellen and Barrant entered the building. After getting Barrant a new pair of boots from a very helpful shopkeeper, they sent him to lunch. Once he was out of sight, Rellen and Barrant got the rest of THoL and proceeded to the secret chamber below the shop. There, they found their quarry and left no survivors.

Skipping town with haste, THoL began a trek on foot to Waterdeep. While on the road, they spent their nights at roadhouses when possible. The weather had finally turned to that befitting late fall and the cold nights drove them indoors. On the second night, brigands besieged the roadhouse they stayed in. It remains unknown if the assault was a random act or if the brigands were from Daggerford to exact revenge upon THoL. If it was an act of retribution, the brigands slaughtered the innkeeper and barmaid along with a merchant caravan headed from Waterdeep to Daggerford. THoL dispatched the brigands and claimed the caravan as their own with the intention of returning it to the White Talon Trading Co when they arrived in Waterdeep.

Two days later, close to dusk, THoL arrived at the gates of Waterdeep. It so happened that there was a festival atmosphere as revelers celebrated the winter solstice. Proceeding with caution, THoL made their way to the Trades Ward to locate the White Talon Trading Co. There, they met with a night watchman who accepted the wagons and promised a reward in the morning. Making conversation with Tavon Van Hyden, THoL found him an honest man and asked if he’d escort them to the Castle Ward to the temple of Tempus where they may seek some manner of refuge. He led them their and helped THoL avoid any unpleasant interruptions in their trek northward. Erwin tipped him well for his service and wished him a pleasant evening. The clergy of Tempus welcomed THoL at the compound for the night, though the brothers of battle made no promises to fight on their behalf only that should there be one the heroes would be able to meet it at the ready with their weapons in hand.

After a pleasant nights rest, THoL took care of some business before heading back to the Trades Ward to pay a visit to the Three Wagons Trading Co., a front company of the Blackheart clan. Entering the courtyard, THoL were on guard and were somewhat taken aback when the greeting was cordial and business like. In short order, however, the fa├žade dropped and the villains revealed their true nature. The trap sprung and blades drawn the pretense of civility ended. Archers appeared on rooftops and emerged from hidden alcoves along the back of the compound. Lurching into action, THoL returned fire and ducked for cover. Ash, in an effort to get the drop on the installation, had climbed a nearby building. Seeing archers undefended, he leapt from on roof to the next and charged the nearest archer. A pattern he’d repeat throughout the battle.

Those on the ground attacked from cover to avoid the archers’ steady rain of crossbow bolts. Through grit, determination & overpowering attacks THoL gained the upper hand. In short order, the courtyard fell silent. A small number of enemies managed to escape, though that was part of the plan. Quickly tossing the office, THoL took a small lockbox for later examination.

THoL moved quickly, but deliberately to the White Talon Trading Co, to collect their reward and start the rumor mill moving regarding the sacking of the Three Wagons. Bidding them a good day, THoL headed to the Mistshore to find the Screaming Gull. The Screaming Gull was known as a hideout of the wererat allies of Cyrus Blackheart. If THoL were going to put pressure on Cyrus, they must deal with the wererats. In a two staged battle, THoL cleared the upside down ship of most of its lycanthropic crew. Again, some enemies escaped. THoL did their best to quietly escape the Mistshore with plans to recruit mercenaries to enact the next phase of their plan. However, the fatigue from battle left them clumsy. After leaving the Mistshore for the Castle Ward, THoL turned down a side street. As they traveled along the avenue, THoL noticed that the normally busy street had suddenly become devoid of occupants as a number of thugs with murder on their mind emerged from the shadows.


It was looking grim for our heroes…were they going to survive? Or become mere bloodstains in the streets? The next chapter will tell all!

Estrian Estrian

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