Brother Griffon


He is the head of the temple to Silvanus in Loudwater. Griffon was an Uthgardt foundling who, after the destruction of his tribe, was fostered and raised by a Loudwater fisher. His loyalties divided, Giffon bridged the gap by becoming a devotee of Silvanus.

Brother Griffon is a black-haired, blue-eyed, and well-muscled human-with his rustic dress, he is easily mistaken for an Uthgardt warrior.

He can be found in the temple at dawn and dusk, but otherwise he is difficult to locate. He spends his days walking the Southwood and occasionally takes longer trips to visit the High Moor and Highstar Lake. If the heroes show interest in the High Moor, Brother Griffon is able to guide them there. He knows most of the stories concerning the High Moor, and he is glad to share his knowledge with the PCs. However, if the PCs do intend to venture into the High Moor, Brother Griffon warns them against going too deep until they are skilled enough to face the deadly creatures that lurk within.

Brother Griffon

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