Sunsteen Urbeth


This balding man, probably in his early thirties, is in excellent shape save his right leg, which is withered and shrunken. He uses a cane to hobble around.

Personality Traits: Susteen is polite and sycophantic. He ends many of his statements with a second’s pause before saying “right?”

Spellscar: When Sunsteen becomes agitated, a spellscar visibly manifests, though it bestows no powers. When his scar activates, it burns with blue fire.

Whenever he feels the scar activating, Sunsteen attempts to suppress, though he doesn’t always succeed. If the scar activates, he collapses to the ground, clutching his thigh as the rest of his leg becomes wreathed in blue flame.

Favorite Locations: South Square, the Green Tankard tavern

Sunsteen Urbeth

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