The Heroes of Loudwater

The Missing Prospectors

Garwan confided in the heroes that his brother, Kavalar had disappeared while exploring some dwarven ruins he discovered in the High Moor. Kavalar and the other prospectors ventured into the moor over two months ago, shortly after the Summer Solstice. For the first month, a supply cart would arrive every other tenday as scheduled; however, Garwan has not been heard from the site for almost a month. To aid the heroes in their quest, Garwan provided them with a map to the dig site.

The heroes, having rested from their ordeal with Sancossug and the Ogre King tribe of goblins, set out the next morning for their trek into the High Moor. Following the map, they were able to avoid the dangers of the northern fringe of the moor and arrived at the site safely.

Approaching the site, the heroes found it overrun with kobolds, the race of small reptilian humanoids known for their clever battle tactics and resourcefulness. Upon seeing the kobolds, the heroes knew that their day was going to get a bit tougher. The kobolds left the site well defended; however, the heroes defeated the sentries in short order save one that slipped down a shaft into the subterranean ruins.

Knowing that they would face resistance from the kobolds within the ruins, the heroes cautiously gave chase to their quarry and descended into the darkened ruins. Caution proved the best policy as the kobolds were laying in wait. As the heroes entered the uppermost chamber of the ruins, the kobolds launched their attack. Attempting to catch the heroes by surprise, the kobolds moved from the shadows. Despite having the element of surprise and superior knowledge of the battlefield after a pitched battle the kobolds fell before the heroes’ mighty press.

After catching their breath from the battle, the heroes pressed deeper into the excavated structure, entering a large gathering hall. Unsurprisingly, the hall was well defended by the kobolds that had taken over the excavation. As the heroes entered the room to do battle with the kobolds, a hissing voice called out from behind a curtain for its minions to deal with the intruders. The kobolds doing the bidding of their concealed master, leapt toward the heroes. As the battle progressed, the curtain lifted to reveal the master, a wyrmling white dragon, though not much larger than a hunting dog, the fledgling dragon proved a fierce and determined foe.

Between the dragon and the nigh overwhelming number of kobolds, the odds seemed stacked against the heroes; however, through a bit of luck and determination the heroes emerged from the fight battered but not beaten. Having cleared the ruins of hostile creatures, the heroes were able to search the complex for Kavalar Coppernight and the other prospectors.

Before long, the heroes located the holding cell where the dwarves were being kept. Out of the crew of eight prospectors that ventured into the High Moor only four were still alive, including Kavalar. After treating the wounds of the prospectors, the group began their return trip to Loudwater. As with the voyage south, the trek to the north happened without incident.

Returning to Loudwater, the heroes were once again greeted warmly by the residents of the town, none more so than an overjoyed Garwan at the sight or his brother return safely from his ordeal in the High Moor.

Goblin Raiders and the Ogre King

The tale of the Heroes of Loudwater began on the 10th of Eleint in DR 1471. An explosion ended to the peace and quiet of the early autumn evening as the outer wall of Loudwater’s South Square detonated, raining brick, stone and wood on the citizens within. As the dust settled, a force of goblins, numbering in the twenties, rushed into the square.

The nearby townsfolk attempted to retreat; however, the goblins closed in, savagely cutting them down. Alarm bells rang summoning the Patrol to repel the attack; however, with the goblins reaching the wall undetected the response would be far too late. From the chaos, five emerged who had the courage to stand against the invaders.

The strangers; a retired Patrol member, a transplanted halfling paladin from the west, a gnome warlock from a far away realm, an elf from the High Forest, and a fierce dragonborn sorcerer from far to the east, risked their own lives to drive back the attacking goblins.

A group of the raiders moved quickly toward Garwan’s Curiosities, smashing the door with their maces. Despite their determination to get at the shop, the goblins were unsuccessful in their attempts due to the intervention of the five strangers. Before long, the group of citizens turned heroes succeeded in driving off the attacking force of goblins.

Searching the bodies of the fallen goblins, the heroes found a scrap of paper with writing in Goblin on the force’s commander. Not being able to speak the language, the fledgling heroes sought assistance in translating the text. After a quick conference with Curuvar, the town’s resident wizard and sage, the heroes learned that it was note from their leader, Sancossug instructing the raiders to obtain an item, the Horn Totem from Garwan’s shop and return it to their barrow to return their beloved Ogre King to life.

During their conversation with Curuvar the heroes first heard mention of another threat to Loudwater, a person or creature calling itself The Lady of Shadows when Curuvar mentioned that since the group was of the adventurous sort he would be interested in any information about this enigmatic threat to his hometown they happen to come across.

With a gaping hole in the southern wall to defend and the heroes poised to give chase, Captain Harrowleaf of the Loudwater Patrol determined that he would not be able to dispatch a force to launch a counterstrike. Therefore, heroes who defended the South Square market were enlisted to follow the goblin trail back to their barrow in the Southwood.

Since the goblins launched their attack in the early evening, by the time the heroes had determined where they would need to go and what they needed to do, night had fallen on Loudwater and they decided to wait until the light of the next day to venture into the Southwood to hunt down the goblins responsible for the attack.

The next morning, the heroes began their trek through the Southwood. The trail left by the goblins was easy to follow given the size of the force and their lack of skill at obscuring their trail. Upon reaching the barrow, the heroes fought their way through room after room of goblins and their wicked traps, descending deeper into the earth where they found the goblin Sancossug waiting for them in the crypt of the Ogre King.

Exhausted from the ordeal of reaching the Ogre King’s crypt the heroes were face-to-face with High Shaman Sancossug they dug deep into their reserves, summoning their strength for the battle against the goblin chief. Despite being vastly out numbered, the goblin proved a formidable enemy. The fight was long and difficult; however, the heroes won the day and Sancossug lay on the ground bleeding.

With the goblin leader dead and the majority of the tribe eliminated, ending the threat posed to Loudwater by the tribe of goblins. The triumphant heroes returned home to a grateful populace for a deed they had done.

Upon returning to Loudwater, the heroes met with Curuvar to discuss their triumph. During the discussion, the heroes learned about the nature of the Ogre King. Additionally, he mentioned that Garwan, the owner of the shop the goblins targeted, was looking to talk to them.

Leaving Curuvar, the heroes met Garwan Coppernight at his shop. He informed the heroes that he was seeking their aid in finding his brother, a prospector who had gone missing while exploring some ruins in the High Moor. The heroes assured Garwan that they would investigate his brother’s disappearance.

That night at the Tankard the folk treated the heroes to a night of celebration by the townsfolk, chief among the revelers was one of Sunsteen Urbeth the folk the heroes saved from the attacking goblins the day before.


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