Tag: Female


  • Deanna “Starra” Starr

    The proprietor of the knife shop is Deanna Starr, though most people just call her “Starra.” Folks say that Starra hails from Tethyr, but they know little else about her. She seems to have a foul memory attached to her homeland which she won’t reveal. …

  • Megana Nistral

    The owner of the smithy, she is a brawny human female as broad as a dwarf. Megana’s hearty laugh competes with the hammering beats of her great mallet. She employs several apprentice smiths who are in awe of the woman’s stature and abilities.

  • Calla Maran

    Calla Maran is the proprietor of Loudwater General. She is a warm and engaging middle aged human woman. She has an adopted son, [[:104497 | Raumandar ]] who also serves as the stockboy at the store.

  • Lady Adrie Moonfire

    This half-elf warlock is the heraditary ruler of the town. Her duties include paying the town officials, collecting property taxes, and overseeing the conduct of the rivermaster and his dockhands. However, Lady Moonfire prefers to leave these obligations …

  • Shaalia Moontears

    The young elven maiden was sitting in the small cave with the elder shaman anxiously awaiting her final spirit walk to receive the spirits blessings on her becoming the new shaman of the tribe. Though the elder shaman would fulfill the role for many more …