Village of Evenfar, the Gray Vale

Population ~600

Government Oligarchy

Ruler Council of Elders

Races 80% Human, 10% Half-elf, 5% Halfling, 3% Elf, 2% Dwarf

Located about forty-five miles southwest of Loudwater is the village of Evenfar, a small farming village of roughly 600. Each year, Loudwater would receive a tribute in the form of grain from Evenfar. Long ago, when Loudwater prospered in return for the tribute, Evenfar would receive protection from external threats though since the Spellplauge the tribute was a simple act of commerce.

This year the shipment of grain never arrived and the Heroes of Loudwater were dispatched to investigate.

Upon arriving in Evenfar, the Heroes of Loudwater discovered that village had been deserted. Further investigation found that the folk of Evenfar had ingested tainted grain and turned into the walking dead.

Evidence found by the Heroes of Loudwater linked the blight to the work of The Yuan-ti of Najara.


The Heroes of Loudwater Cathal