Town of Llorkh, the Gray Vale

Population ~1000

Government Monarchy

Ruler Prince Hedrid Merigos

Races 80% Human, 10% Dwarf, 5% Halfling, 3% Half-Elf, 2% Elf

Establishment & Expansion Llorkh was founded by the Netherese fleeing the downfall of their kingdom. Later on, further settlement occurred by pioneers from Waterdeep, sponsored by Waterdhavian families. Llorkh became an important mining town of aproximately 2,000 humans and 300 dwarves.

Zhentarim Control Around the time that iron and silver production from the nearby hills started to wane, Zhentarim agents began to arrive. Soon thereafter, in 1353 DR, the last of the old Lords, Phintarn Redblade, was found dead at the base of Lord’s Keep. Overnight, the Zhentarim installed their own man, Geildarr Ithym, in the Lord’s Keep. Four hundred Lord’s Men arrived and slaughtered all of the militia under the pretext that they were trouble-makers. A significant number of townsfolk left Llorkh, along with the dwarves. As soon as control over the town was consolidated, Zhentarim caravans began to arrive from the Anauroch. Lorkh thus became the western end of the Zhentarim trade route, the Black Road, and a point from which to further trade interests in western Faerûn. The Zhentarim maintained both a significant number of soldiers and three hundred purple-cloaked Lord’s Men. These defended the city against orcs, adventurers and ungrateful townsfolk.

1479 DR Due in no small part to the return of Thultanthar and the reassertion of Netherese dominance over the former Anauroch desert, Zhentarim trade along the Black Road has been negatively affected. Consequently, Llorkh has sharply declined in the years following the Spellplague and lays largely in ruins. A string of incompetent rulers, self-styled bandit kings and their lackeys drove off most of the honest residents leaving most of the city in ruins. Recently, Hedrid Merigos, a retired adventurer from Llorkh, has returned to his homeland, installed himself as Prince of Llorkh.

Since taking control of Llorkh, Hedrid has launched a campaign of reform and repair of the city and its environs. The destitution of his lands, has forced Merigos to turn to adventures to carry out much of the heavy lifting.

Through the actions of the Heroes of Loudwater, Llorkh and Loudwater have formed an alliance as the leaders of the two municipalities work to address the growing threats to the region.


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