Loudwater Town, the Gray Vale

Population ~2,000

Government Herditary Lordship

Ruler Lady Adrie Moonfire

Races 60% Human, 30% Half-elf, 5% Halfling, 3% Elf, 2% Dwarf

History 149 DR – The dwarves of Ammarindar, lead by Iirikos Stoneshoulder, build a stone bridge across the River Shining at what is now Loudwater.

1100 DR – The moon elves living in Loudwater and it’s surrounds, leave for Evereska.

1150 DR – Ibun Rensha, of Calimshan and his forces take control of Loudwater. They lay claim to much of Delimbiyr Vale.

1315 DR – Nanathlor Greysword, of Nimbral attempts to overthrow Pasuuk Rensha, thus begining the War of the Returned Regent.

1317 DR – Nanathlor Greysword becomes ruler of Loudwater after defeating Pasuuk Rensha at the battle of Tanglefork and ending the War of the Returned Regent.

1479 DR – Loudwater still exists, however much reduced from 100 years past, the population now being around 2,000.

Present Day The town of Loudwater sits at the confluence of the Delimbyr and Grayflow rivers. The forested shoulders of the Star Mounts rise above the town in the northwestern sky. These cloud-veiled peaks remind the townspeople that beyond the town’s walls stretch wild lands, where deadly monsters threaten the unwary.

Merchants, caravan guards, local craftsfolk, hunters, farmers, and retired adventures treat the Green Tankard Tavern in Loudwater as a second home. In the tavern’s common room, talk turns to tales of hostile tribes and barrows glimpsed through mists; folk speak warily of goblins in the Southwood, of the serpent folk of Najara, and of ancient ruined kingdoms.

The tavern attracts young and old with its warm company and tall tales. But before buying an ale for one of the inn’s regulars, a visitor should think carefully. Many adventures have started from stories exchanged over cheap ale and greasy food, but not all have ended with the glorious exploits of which bards sing. An old story or a wrinkled map could be the doorway to adventure – or the path to a quick death.

Loudwater offers a well-defended rest stop for caravans and riverboats. Nearby communities such as Zelbross lie in ruins and Llorkh a shadow of its former self, yet Loudwater survives, albeit with a diminished population, which holds steady at about 2,000. To the south is the High Moor, infamous for monsters that lurk in the mists, guarding the ruins of bygone kingdoms. Loudwater feels like a frontier town despite having once boasted a greater population. Its days of boundless prosperity are a century gone, and most of the town’s current residents, which include primarily humans and half-elves, are not old enough to recall them. Loudwater never fully recovered from the disruption of trade brought about in the wake of the disastrous Spellplague, yet unlike many towns, it at least still stands.

Key Buildings & Structures

South Square Carts and tents surround a large communal well in the center of the plaza. The citizens of Loudwater bustle about the area, shopping for food, clothing, and crafts.

Caravanners and river merchants set up carts and tents along the southern wall near the town’s permanent shops. Player characters looking for food, supplies, and miscellaneous items might find what they’re looking for here.

Garwan’s Curiosities A sign bearing the image of an unicorn horn, an hourglass, and the words “Garwan’s Curiosities” hangs at the front of this store. Windows provide a view of bizarre items, including a shrunken head, candy wrapped in colorful leaves, playing cards, smoking accessories, fancifully decorated tankards, and more.

Locals visit Garwan’s to find interesting gifts or to sell off junk in which Garwan sees value. Strange items lie tucked away in the dusty nooks of this shop, though few pieces are of any real value. However, sometimes rare items pass through Garwan’s, and a lucky customer comes away with a valuable treasure. Thus, a stop at Garwan’s Curiosities remains a favorite diversion among locals, especially Loudwater’s youth.

Starra’s Knives This dimly lit shop smells of oil and steel. The southern wall has a large display containing hundreds of different knives and daggers.

No other place in Loudwater offers a better selection of knives, daggers, and other small bladed weapons. Many of the blades on display have accompanying names and stories, though the veracity of these embellishments is doubtful.

Green Tankard Tavern A sign with a green-painted tankard of ale proclaims the nature of this establishment. The tavern’s large common room holds a gregarious group that includes townspeople, riverboat folk, merchants farmers and one or two members of the Loudwater Patrol.

Called simply “the Tankard” by locals, this roomy inn and tavern serves as the public house for the southern portion of town while the Fisher’s Friend serves the northern part of Loudwater, including the docks. The Tankard offers beer, spirits, and a variety of expensive wines. Meals are available throughout the day, and rooms can be rented for overnight stays. Regulars and travelers alike gather each day to drink, gossip, sing, and engage in games of chance.

Loudwater General A hanging sign shows this large building to be Loudwater General. From the other signs hanging on the storefront, the place appears to carry everyday goods necessary to those living on the frontier.

A person can purchase tools, clothing, food, drink, simple melee and ranged weapons, ammunition and adventuring gear at this store. Items that are 30 gp or less from the Players Handbook and Adventure’s Vaults can be found here. More expensive items can be ordered; however, generally at a 20% mark-up and it may take a tenday or two to arrive.

The store is owned by Calla Maran and run with the help of her stockboy Raumndar.

Stables The earthy scent of hay and manure is strong in this wide building. The whinny of horses and the snort of oxen indicates that the building houses many beasts of burden. Carts, wagons, and other modes of transport are also parked nearby.

Mounts can be kept at the stables for 2 sp/day. Riding and work horses can be bought at the stables. If the players are interested in obtaining a warhorse, they can do so as well; however, it will require training the animal which will take a month.

The stables are owned and operated by three dwarves: Darden, Dred, and Drer. They manage the facility and employ several assistants who feed, water, brush, clean and care for the animals.

Loudwater Smithy The clank of metal on metal, the hiss of steam, and the roar of flames issues through the open door of the building. A hammer and anvil decorate the sign hanging over the door.

Here characters can purchase a variety of metallic wares, including weapons and armor. The smithy normally doesn’t have any martial weapons in stock, but custom requests can be fulfilled within several days.

The smithy is owned by Megana Nistral, a brawny human female as broad as a dwarf. Megana’s hearty laugh competes with the hammering beats of her great mallet. She employs several apprentice smiths who are in awe of the woman’s stature and abilities.

Loudwater Apothecary A sign displaying several oddly shaped bottles hangs over the door of the shop. A dozen different scents waft through the doorway, including tangy musk, cinnamon, orange peel, baking bread, and roses.

Although the apothecary advertises as a perfumery, the proprietor, Brosha Manx, has recently started selling oddments and charms, much to Garwan’s ire. In the apothecary, one might find powdered unicorn horn, dragon claws, and burnt-out Ioun Stones. However, the worth or authenticity of many such products is questionable. Brosha also carries more mundane products, including herbs, roots, and spices which are mainstays of Loudwater’s cooks and hedge wizards.

Additionally, the shop has an assortment of 1st – 5th level ritual scrolls, potions and other consumable items from the Player’s Handbook and the Adventurer’s Vaults.

Patrol Headquarters The symbol of a crossed sword and axe is blazoned high on the building. The clangs of metal and shouts from within indicate a fight may be underway.

This building is the headquarters for the Loudwater Patrol, and is where the militia comes to train. The members of the militia practice twice per tenday with their fellow volunteers; members of the patrol practice with greater frequency. On average about four Patrol members are on duty at any one time.

Loudwater’s guards are not well trained. Each patrol is commanded by one of four leaders and all are under the purview of Captain Harrowleaf.

Tenements and Homes These dwellings crowd together within the walls, taking advantage of all available space. The buildings vary in quality; some appear well kept and house only one family, while others contain many families that have squeezed in together.

Hundreds of people live within the protection of Loudwater’s walls. Some live in multitenant apartments while more affluent folk possess small houses. The apartments mostly hold farmers, fishers, laborers, and craftspeople that are too poor to own land.

Temple The Temple is separated from the shops, homes, and tenements of Loudwater by a small hedge. The vine-covered walls of the temple rise high above the walls of Loudwater and the spire’s tip appears to reach a full 100 feet above the ground. The symbol of an oak leaf gleams with its own emerald light above the grand archway leading into the temple.

The temple is devoted to Silvanus the Treefather, though worshipers of other likeminded faiths are also welcome. The temple is holy ground, and characters might find its quiet interior a calming respite from the cares and concerns of adventuring. The interior walls are painted to resemble the sky, and the main floor is one expansive area dominated by a grassy hill around which a crown of trees gently sways in an endless breeze.

The temple is run by Brother Griffon a human of Uthgardt lineage. Griffon knows and can sell/perform Heal- and Religion-based rituals up to 6th level.

Docks Several large log structures in the northeast section of Loudwater store the goods of merchants doing business in town. By day, people bustle about the area, transferring barrels and crates between the storehouses and riverboats. The docks are small, limiting the number of vessels that can moor. Several small fishing boats vie with larger boats and barges for space along the docks. By night, raucous noises issue from the pub situated along the west wall.

Between the docks, storehouses, boats, and the Fisher’s Friend Pub, this district is active regardless of the time of day.

Fisher’s Friend Pub The overwhelming odor of spirits and smoke wreathes this tavern. Calloused dockworkers and fishers drink and gamble away their pay. Wizened old men and women sip their ale in silence, waiting for an opportunity to tell a tale of the river.

This pub attracts a rougher crowd than the Green Tankard does. Most folks come to the Fisher’s Friend to drink and gamble rather than to socialize.

Bar fights are common in the Fisher’s Friend, and anyone itching for a fight doesn’t have to wait long before one sparks up.

Manor House This grand house is a jewel of dwarven craftsmanship. The building includes its own stable, buttery, and servants’ home. The manor appears to be over two hundred years old, and it looks as thought it might last another two hundred before any serious repairs are needed.

Built by a dwarven artisan for a self-styled elf lord, this manor house was the seed from which Loudwater grew. The mansion is currently home to Lady Adrie Moonfire a descendent of the original lord.


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