Town of Secomber, the Gray Vale

Population ~1400

Government Oligarchy

Ruler Merchant’s Council

Races 50% Human, 35% Halfling, 10% Dwarf, 3% Half-elf, 2% Elf

Secomber is a small town of nearly 1,500 that acts as a de facto border town between the relatively peaceful Western Heartlands and the more savage North along the Sword Coast. It sits atop three stone hills on the banks of the southern-running Unicorn Run river and the western-running River Delimbiyr. Directly south of the town is the dangerous High Moor. To the north, along Secomber Trail is Uluvin.

The town is populated primarily by humans, but almost as many halflings call the place home. A small clan of dwarves lives in the area as well.

Economy Secomber is a stop on the Delimbiyr Route, part of the trail between Waterdeep and Llorkh. Another trail, Secomber Trail connects Secomber to Uluvin, to the north-west. Farming, fishing, and stonecutting are the primary occupations, but as the town has a large transient adventuring population, stores catering to such types are beginning to take hold. Some locals hire themselves out as guards or sellswords for expeditions heading into the High Moor or High Forest to the north. A couple of inns and taverns provide entertainment and lodging to the growing town.

History Secomber is rumored to be the capital of the ancient wizard kingdom of Athalantar, of which the only remains seem to be the Mage Ruins in the western part of the city. The rumors are given further credence by the overlarge gargoyle problem, caused by the expanding town’s digging and freeing of the creatures from sealed underground chambers.

Government Before the Spellplague, Secomber was ruled by Trasker Selarn, a ranger who was installed as ruller of the town by the erstwhile Lord’s Alliance. As Secomber recovered from the chaos of the Spellplague, a council of the leading merchants joined together to rule over the city. A small garrison of 50 soldiers guards the town, and the local militia boasts over 100 members.

Notable Building

Taverns and Inns * The Seven-Stringed Harp is a ramshackle sprawling tavern. * The Singing Sprite is pleasant inn


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