The Ogre King

The creature known as the Ogre King, was no mere ogre – in truth it was an ogrelike beast with mystical powers called an oni. This particular oni lived in the barrow and sought to learn about the Dire Wood during its exploration the creature discovered the ruins of the dwarven kingdom of Ammarindar in the Southwood some eighty years ago. He established a lair and subjugated local goblins. The reign of the Ogre King lasted for just ten years, during which time his goblins raided far and wide. A group of adventures whose names have been lost to history destroyed the Ogre King and scattered his goblin devotees.

Following the Ogre King’s destruction, the surviving goblins returned to their barrow. As the years passed, the goblins began to venerate the fallen ogre as a diety. In DR1470, a goblin by the name of Sancossug rose to command the tribe. Under Sancossug’s direction, the goblin clan sought ways to bring about the Ogre King’s resurrection.

The desire to resurrect the Ogre King lead the goblins to attack Loudwater to retrieve a relic taken from their barrow by Curuvar the Brazen many years earlier in DR1452.

During the goblin assault, the adventures who would become known as the Heroes of Loudwater acted to defend the innocent. Following the successful defense of the town the group tracked down the remaining goblins responsible for the raid and eliminating the threat to Loudwater.

  • Neutralize the threat of the Ogre King and the tribe of goblins.
  • Rewards: 100 Experience Each

The Ogre King

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