City of Waterdeep, the Sword Coast

Population ~1,300,000

Government Oligarchy

Ruler The Open Lord of Waterdeep, Dagult Neverember

Legislative Branch The Lords of Waterdeep

Judicial Branch The Magisters of Waterdeep

Streets of Waterdeep Street plans and even building footprints of Waterdeep remain almost identical with those of a century ago. To prevent ambitious wealthy North Ward folk and cutthroat merchants in South Ward from “overbuilding” the adjacent edifices of rivals, the Lords of Waterdeep enacted strict limits on building changes. Buildings are still torn down or fall down and are replaced, but new structures have to adhere very closely to the outer wall outlines of those they replace. They are subject to palace oversight as to height, out-thrusting balconies, and the like. So the old maps are still pretty accurate—if you ignore the specific internal layouts of nobles’ villas.

The city gates are customarily opened at dawn and closed at dusk. The streets are lit at night by trios of city lamplighters. Wagon traffic is common (except in the Sea Ward and the North Ward), so pedestrians are encouraged to be watchful and yield to galloping horses and coaches whizzing about the city.

City Wards For the purposes of governance and security, Waterdeep is divided into a system of wards or civic districts. Each of the seven official wards is briefly discussed below.

Other Neighborhoods Notable Landmarks


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